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 "she is just a great person ready to help in any way she can puts her hole heart into it simple wonderful person"

From : Cindy


"Laura worked with me for a long time through a very difficult property deal. Any other realtor would have walked away many times. Instead Laura dug in and took the difficult task on herself and low and behold she sold my farm!!!!!!! It had almost gone through foreclosure, name it and I was able to re-coup more moneys with Laura than would have ever been possible any other way."
From: Remi



 "Laura is a fabulous real estate agent. She works for you and with you 100% and never lets the ball drop. She is solution-oriented and practical and takes ownership of the process. When you have questions about a property or the expected cost of something, she gets the answers for you. I've worked with a lot of agents and Laura is the best. I like to get things done and so does she! I've bought or sold five properties in the last two years and Laura's held my hand through the four in Florida."   From:Robyn  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        " Laura was the seller's agent in a recent home purchase I made. She was fantastic! Our financing situation was a bit complex, and the mortgage company struggled a bit to get documentation requests out in timely manner ... without Laura's expertise and rapid response to those requests I have no doubt we would not have closed as scheduled. I highly recommend her!" From: Jim and Teresa  

    " My family and I arrived in Florida on July, 2014 from Texas. We telephoned several agents with listings that we were interested in seeing. The listing agents we did receive a response was not helpful or interested. The responses that we did receive were not helpful at all. Then, we met Laura Paynter. Laura was very impressive from the first day I met. This first showing was late on a Sunday morning. It did not matter to her if it was on a Sunday. She was very friendly and gave that willingness to help attitude. Of course, this was just the beginning.. She showed us many properties for 3 months or more. I mean we went from low-priced homes to substantially higher-priced ones, this was done at my request. She never quit assisting us. Laura's diligence, patience, knowledge of the area, and organizational skills were most helpful in finding us a house. She even attended our closing at the title company on a very rainy day. I can also say, I have gained a very intellectual friend. I still telephone her for real estate advice. I highly recommend her as a great agent. Great job Laura!!" From: Betty      

   " I highly recommend Laura! She is knowledgeable and works very hard to get the deal done! Great communication, promptly returns calls and emails. She made the process a pleasure."    Debbie Wojack

"After hiring Laura in August of last year, she immediately went to work on marketing my house.  She had an idea who would most likely be interested and contacted several other local realtors to get the word out about my place.  One of those contacts did have an interested buyer and within three months I had a contract in hand.  We closed shortly thereafter.  Laura is very knowledgable about the real estate industry and gave me some great tips on staging the house so it would show well.  She was also helpful in giving me references to get the needed home repairs completed. I wouldn't hesitate to hire Laura again whether buying or selling."
Phil O'Nan.

Laura worked very well with my very elderly mother, who wanted to sell her home but still found the process very difficult. Laura knew what my mother was going through and patiently worked with her. Laura knew the market very well and so knew the best price to list the house at and the best way to show the house. She showed the house diligently--even the neighbors mentioned how often she was there showing it. And when the house sold and we needed to move decades' worth of possessions out of the home, Laura had an amazing number of connections to assist us in that! She went above and beyond any realtor I have ever worked with.

From Elizabeth and Betty


completed_project --- Laura did a great job assisting me with my home purchase. One of her best attributes is her responsiveness. She maintained proactive communication throughout my home buying process, which was greatly appreciated because there are so many details involved in buying a home.Sun, Jul 7, 2013 

• rcn40 ----Laura knows the local market in North Central Florida. She is very easy to deal with and listens to what her buyer wants and then pulls listing based on that so time is not wasted viewing properties that do not fit the buyers needs.She is also well acquainted with the needs and expectations of part-time residents and what the various communities offer them.Her local knowledge also extended to other agents and title companies which really helps to get the process moving along.Tue, Jun 4, 2013 

                                                                                                                                                                                                         orinthia Helped me sell a home

Laura Paynter is a hardworking and dedicated realtor. Not only is she a great realtor who really knows the "ins and outs" of the business, she's also a very caring and genuine Christian woman who strives for perfection. We are extremely pleased with her efforts and accomplishment. We highly recommend her and thank her for the great job in selling our house. You worked tirelessly for us and did more than any Real Estate Agent has ever done. In addition to advertising and prospecting, which you did an excellent job at, you also went above and beyond by working at redecorating our interior. Again, we have never seen a Real Estate Agent work so hard, or do so much, in helping sell a house.